MushroomCat Cat Face Ultimate Scratcher Lounge Bed

MushroomCat Cat Face Ultimate Scratcher Lounge Bed

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Cute cat face design to match the home décor/High quality: Manufactured with quality standards
For 2 cats to play at the same time,Cat will love scratch it and curl up inside and sleep in it .
With organic cat mint, make love cats faster like.


This corrugated cat catch plate has a uniquely shaped vibrator, appearance is very lovely, practical, by using prime quality corrugated paper making, Stability testing, is very protected and durable, possibly standing a 50kg. The feline saw this cat scratch table will fondle admiringly, around it may sharpen my claws, the feline can also as bed rest, this is sometimes a great cat gift.

Product introduction

1, High density corrugated stuff In the rest of the cat cat feline claws, the usage of more durable Selection of corrugated paper, is healthy This is a combination of corrugated paper pulp, wax, mortar and other modern technology made of very sturdy. Help the cat to fix its paws, and won’t scratch the feline.

2, Is not easy to deformation Honeycomb sandwich structure, good balance, not easy to deformation, with exceptional resistance to compression and bending capacity

3, No pollution, in line with the tendency of modern environmental protection Honeycomb report made from recycled paper materials, though you would not have to surrender, it usually is degraded by nature, absorption, is a good eco-friendly packaging materials

4, The gift idea of natural cat MINT Open up the cat, and the cat can be on the grab.

Cat the begining board is a cat’s claws on the necessities, but also the characteristics of rapidly consumption of goods, select a good feline scratch board, is an effective cost savings.
The cat has greater resistance from love material grinding claws, strengthened corrugated paper meets these, as well save the cost
Large surface area to support a couple of or larger cats and gives generous scratching space
Gift associated with natural cat mint, the feline will be attracted to the smell on the cat mint, cat scratch table more attractive to the cat.
Cats enjoy more, better vent excess strength, effectively avoid the destruction of furnishings
Lengthï¼? *********). 9in Width: being unfaithful. 0in Height: 12. 9in Bodyweight: 3 pounds Material: reinforced corrugated paper